Hi! I am Giorgia and this is my site. You can find stuff about my research and randomness.

I am a PhD candidate in Audio Signal Processing and Machine Learning at Télécom Paris within the ADASP team in Paris. I am currently working on multimodal music source separation under the supervision of Slim Essid and Gaël Richard within the MIP-Frontiers European training network.

Research Interests

  • Signal Processing and Machine Learning
  • Music Information Retrieval
  • Biomedical Signals and Images

Beyond Research

  • Reading comics and books (+ cats)
  • Data Aesthetics and Visualization
  • Mountain, hiking, and skiing



Check my latest blog post on science dissemination and the MIP-frontiers animation!


Our paper on user-guided one-shot deep model adaptation for music source separation was accepted at WASPAA 2021!


Check our latest work on user-guided music source separation: paper and demo.


Our paper on neuro-steered music source separation accepted at ICASSP 2021!


For the sailors: I am massively changing the website. Some page may be unstable.

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